Meet Napoleon the tallest MULE in the UK standing at 16.2hh



Napoleon is a very special mule and came into our life in 2015 at the age of 7 years old. At the age of 5 years he went hunting and then travelled to France and Belgium then eventually back to the UK where I saw an advert for him and bought without even seeing him until he arrived in our yard. When I bought him I was not aware that he had bucked three people of in the past until one kind person told me what they new of Napoleons past. Up to that point I had been riding him but thing not really going forward very fast and he hated men as he always pulled his ears back when he met them.

I then decided to go back to five weeks ground work where we build a great bond as we walked over obstacle together and lots of walks down the road where there was plenty of dragons hiding around corners and bushes !! Then we started the riding again and it all fell into place and we have the BEST relationship ever.

Napoleon shall only ever be ridden by myself as I would never like to put in a position that he does not feel safe.